With BBL, you may have curvy lines.

Writer Come2Care 19.04.2022

Brazilian butt lift, or BBL for short, is a fat transfer procedure that alters the form and size of the hips without the use of implants. Liposuction is used to remove excess fat from various sections of the body, such as the abdomen, back, and hips, and inject it into the hips, changing their form.

When done correctly, this operation, also known as a Brazilian butt lift, modifies the overall look of the bottom region of the body in a good manner. Because fat is consumed from parts of the body with excess fat, observable changes occur in these places.

The genetic composition of a person determines the form of their hips. This look is influenced by skeletal structure and how the body stores fat. In certain individuals, the fat tissue in the hips is inadequate, causing the body's natural curvature to be disrupted. This undesirable picture is erased and a curved look is achieved with the Brazilian butt lift procedure.

What Is the Best Way to Do a Brazilian Butt Lift?

The implementation of the Brazilian buttlift consists of three basic stages. To begin with, liposuction is used to remove fat from resistant places such as the waist, belly, and hips, which cannot be melted with exercise and proper diet.

The adipose tissue that has been extracted is purified and prepared for transplantation. After that, fat is injected into predefined locations in the hips to enhance the contour and volume. This is when the procedure comes to a close. This technique may be done under local or general anesthesia and is considered an outpatient therapy.

There is no danger of allergic response since no filler substance is employed. Over time, some of the fats that have been transferred will gradually melt. As a result, a little more fat transfer is required to get a pleasant final look. The patients get the desired look once the extra fat melts away.

The Recovery Process

The recovery process is well regulated since Brazilian buttlift surgery is such a little procedure. Following the application, it is typical to have slight discomfort or soreness in the injection and liposuction sites.

Painkillers, on the other hand, may readily manage these aches. After the procedure, patients should not sit or rest directly on their hips. In general, patients may resume normal activities one week following the surgery and return to work 10-14 days later.

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