DHI (Choi) Hair Transplant

"Direct hair implantation," or direct hair transplantation, is one of the most sophisticated hair transplantation techniques, and it is performed using a Choi medical pen. The hair follicles gathered with this particular pen are transplanted using the same pen in the DHI procedure. Furthermore, no incisions are performed on the skin throughout the procedure.

The Choi pen is a spring-loaded gadget with a ballpoint pen-like construction. There is a follicle at the tip of this pen, which has a complicated structure. The skin is pierced and the hair follicle is positioned on the pierced section thanks to the vertical aperture at the tip. The root obtained from the donor region is instantly inserted in its new location in the DHI hair transplantation process. The duration of hair follicles extracted from the donor region is reduced in this method. This benefit of the approach also considerably improves the hair follicles' chances of survival. Because just one site is treated, the incision area is less than with other procedures, which reduces the danger of bleeding.

Local anesthetic is used for the surgery. After the surgery, patients may go home the same day. It is important to follow the suggestions of the expert doctor in order to have a smooth recovery process following the procedure.

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Hair transplantation with DHI takes a different amount of time depending on the location to be transplanted. During the planning stage, the length of the procedure may be more precisely determined. On average, these procedures take 3-5 hours.

The look recovers to pre-surgery levels 15 to 30 days following the procedure. For the next three months, nothing will change. After three months, the transplanted hair begins to grow. It might take up to a year for everything to show up.

Redness and crusting occur in the transplanted region after hair transplantation. This is quite natural. The crusts and transplanted hair peel off after approximately a week. The crusting that happens during this time should be anticipated to go away on its own, and the crusts should not be removed violently.
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