We greet our patients at the airport and accompany them throughout the treatment procedure, until they are ready to return to their home country.

Airport Pickup
Come2Care is a great opportunity for you to meet the team that will always be in contact with you for the perfect progress of the process after the airport pick-up service, which is the first step of your journey, because we understand the importance of correct communication and sincerity in health tourism. At the airport, Come2Care will greet you. A member of the welcome staff will accompany you throughout the procedure and give language assistance. cries. Throughout your Come2Care experience, which begins with airport pick-up, you will be in direct touch with the staff you will require. Come2Care is always there to help you feel better from the minute you come in Turkey, always serving to provide the finest.
Following your arrival in Turkey, transportation to your hotel or the hospital where your initial consultation will be place will be arranged according to your schedule, as well as city transfer services for your return to your hotel. Your demands for transportation between the hotel and the hospital are fulfilled in a comfortable and timely manner. Come2Care can help you with all of the transfer services you'll need for your transportation requirements in Turkey if you let them know ahead of time.
Hotel Accommodation
Come2Care makes the hotel or vacation village bookings for you before and after the procedure. Come2Care works with the top hotels to make your vacation one to remember, ensuring that you and your companions enjoy a pleasant stay. Your stay in hotels that are suited for you and your loved ones to rest and feel well before and after your surgeries, as well as a pleasant recuperation following the operations, is one of Come2Care's main concerns.
Interpreter Service
Come2Care enables you to feel more at ease than ever with the power of communication at a moment when you will be going through one of the most crucial stages of your life. With native language translation capability, you may develop a seamless conversation that allows you to enjoy the comfort of conversing in your own language. Come2Care and its healthcare-experienced translators will provide you with a communication experience that will make you feel at ease right from the airport with native language translation help.