Thigh Lift (Leg Lift)

The tight lift is a thigh stretching procedure that involves removing extra skin and fat tissue from the inner section of the thigh and tightening the region. Hip deformations may arise for a variety of causes, including genetic susceptibility, alcohol and cigarette use, sedentary behavior, poor nutrition, and excessive weight gain.

The legs rub against one other, causing skin discomfort, especially as a consequence of the drooping that happens here. Excess fat and skin tissue in the thighs are removed during thigh lift surgery. The skin is relocated and the region is tightened in this location. The legs will seem more fit, weak, and curvy as a result of this procedure.

The incisions in thigh lift surgery are performed towards the inside portion of the thigh and the inguinal folds. When seen from the outside, the traces are very difficult to discern. It becomes practically invisible after healing.

This is not a weight-loss procedure. As a result, it is not done with the intention of decreasing weight. Fat reduction in certain places, such as the thighs, does not occur with a balanced diet and exercise. Thigh stretching surgery is used to reshape this part of the body.

General anesthetic is used for thigh lift surgery. On average, thigh lift treatments take 1.5 to 3 hours. Drains are usually put after surgery and withdrawn one to two days later. For the first two weeks following surgery, patients should avoid standing for lengthy periods of time or participating in sports.

Thigh lift surgery may be done on its own or in conjunction with other procedures including abdominal aesthetics, Brazilian buttock aesthetics, and liposuction. Operation plans may differ depending on the patients' age, general health, and desired alteration.

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The extra fat tissue in the region is first removed by liposuction, then the excess skin is removed and the skin on the thigh is repositioned in the thigh lift procedure.

Thigh lift surgery is frequently done under general anesthesia. Patients do not experience any discomfort throughout the treatment as a result of this method.

After complete recovery, the desired look appears as a consequence of the thigh lift procedure. For many years, this outcome remains constant. Patients should follow good living practices to maintain the operation's impact.
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